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Gas 4 Burners With Oven /เตาแก๊ส 4 หัว พร้อมเตาอบ



Made in : Spain

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  • GAS RANGE, CG7-41
    Made of stainless steel.
    Open hobs with safety valve and thermocouples.
    Pilots for ignition.
    Cast iron gratings and burners.
    Burners: 1x6.9 + 3x5.25 kW
    Dimensions of the grill: 347x310 mm.
    Fat collector under the grids.
    2/1 GN oven made of stainless steel, with tubular burner in stainless steel.
    Pilot and thermocouple.
    Thermostatic control (130 ºC – 350 ºC).
    Oven burner: 7.8 kW.
    Total power: 30.45 kW.
    Dimensions: 700 x 775 x 850 mm.
    Weight: 134 Kg.
  • Fagor CG7-41


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