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Convection Oven / เตาอบลมร้อน


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    21L (1/4 size) convection oven for small restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ideal for fast cheese-melting & toasting.
    Functions of Baking, Defrosting, warming, reheating and grill.
    To bake Cookies, Cake, Muffins, Steak, Biscuits, bread, hamburgs, Sandwiches, Pizza etc rapidly.
    Air forced heat circulation for even cooking.
    Automatic shut-off safety feature,unit turns off when the door is pulled.
    Heavy duty stainless steel housing and exterior.
    Double pan glass door to view inside.
    Temperature adjustable from 150℉~500℉(65-260℃).
    Elegant Cool touch aluminum handle.
    120 minutes timer with bell.
    Fits three S/S racks or 1/4 size sheet pans.
    Power on and ready indication light.
    Accessories: 3 PCS of chromed wire racks
    Power on and ready indication light.

    Benefits: Heavy duty stainless steel interior and exterior, simple structure, easy operation, reliable quality.
    Power: 2100Watts
    Inside temperature: 150℉~500℉(65-260℃)
    Control: Manual
    Purpose: For restaurants, hotels, bars, small bakery.
    Dimension: 475(W) X 505(D) X 380(H) mm.
    Weight: 13.5 KGS/UNIT WEIGHT
    Specification: 208-240V/50HZ


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