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Food Warmer / หม้ออุ่นอาหาร



Made in : USA

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  • Countertop Electric Food Warmer, TECFW-1529
    • Design to preheat food products and hold them at your desired serving temperature.
    • Reinforced stainless steel front sides and top with aluminized steel at the rear and bottom.
    • Heat well is made of stainless with welded seams.
    • Heating is axxomplished by performed tubular heating element clamped to the underside of the heat well.
    • It provide with an ON/OFF switch
    • A dry receptacle alarm is provided to alert operator that heat well needs water.
    • Adjustable 1 1/4" legs.
    • Temperature is controlled with preset thermostat.
    • 400 Watt.
    • Size 20 7/8"



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